ZEN Industries' July 2011 e-Newsletter 

The Science and Common Sense of HVAC Duct Fabrication

The Problems of "In-House" HVAC Fabrication

Times are changing. The long tradition of HVAC Contractors manufacturing their own HVAC ductwork in-house is under increasing scrutiny.

Is "in-house" control really a formula for higher quality and successful projects, or as the science of HVAC progresses are we seeing that dedicated fabrication shops are set to serve the industry best?

HVAC Efficiency Studies

HVAC fabrication is being studied at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of California, Berkeley. Following is a quote from an abstract aimed at increasing the efficiency and reliability of HVAC production.

"HVAC contractors hand off work internally when they fabricate and install their own ductwork, as is common industry practice. It therefore is in their best interest to make the handoff as efficient as possible. In theory that should be easy since the two functions coexist within the same company.

In practice, competition arises as a natural consequence of tension between job-shop production in the fabrication shop and project-driven production at the various construction sites. The shop and the project sites often have different goals and performance incentives, so they may end up vying for control of the handoff."

Read the entire article MATERIALS AND INFORMATION FLOWS FOR HVAC DUCTWORK FABRICATION AND SITE INSTALLATION online at the University of California, Berkeley. (Adobe Reader Required)

From our vantage point at ZEN, that's far from the only source of internal conflict and inefficiency when HVAC Contractors manufacture their own ductwork in house.

Why HVAC Contactors Should Reconsider Internal Manufacturing

At ZEN, we've even written an article about why HVAC contractors should consider divesting themselves of the profit sinking albatross that in-house production has become. Click the article image to right, or visit the ZEN Industries website to read more...

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