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August 2022, Tech Trends in Construction 2022

July 2022, Metal Prices in the HVAC Duct Market

June 2022, Ventilation in Schools

May 2022, Automation in Construction

April 2022, Chaotic Markets and a Tight Workforce

March 2022, Van Stone Flanges | Efficient Estimating

February 2022, Duct Liner vs Duct Wrap

January 2022, HVAC Pricing, Inflation Strikes Back


December 2021, Welded Ducwork and Specialty Duct

November 2021, Steel Prices Lowering? The Benefits of Spiral Duct

October 2021, Zero Defects in HVAC Fabrication

September 2021, How HVAC Duct Miscuts and Waste Tax Your Business

August 2021, Reduce Your Field Labor Exposure with Pre-Sealed Duct

July 2021, ZEN Brings New Coil Line into Operation

June 2021, From Shop Drawings to Kitting and Carting

May 2021, Advantages of Double Wall Spiral Duct

April 2021, HVAC 2021 Technology Trends - Ductwork, Innovation, and COVID-19

March 2021, Back to Basics of Quality, Affordable Duct, Delivered On Time

February 2021, Prefabricated Ducts and Fittings

January 2021, Ductwork Renovation, Replacing Aging Duct


December 2020, How to Dominate Your Market During COVID-19

November 2020, Quality Ductwork Makes the Difference

October 2020, Dealing with the HVAC Labor Shortage

September 2020, The Future of HVAC

August 2020, HVAC in the Age of COVID-19

July 2020, HVAC Trends in 2020

June 2020, Continual Quality & Safety Training at ZEN Industries

May 2020, ZEN Industries Employee Spotlight - Jim Cucuzza

April 2020, ZEN Industries Makes Dream Homes Come True

March 2020, Falling Behind? ZEN Industries Can Help

February 2020, Quality, Affordability, Reliability

January 2020, HVAC Market Changes in 2020


December 2019, Achieving Great Ductwork Design

November 2019, Three HVAC Trends for 2020

October 2019, HVAC Ductwork Installers in a Tight Labor Market

September 2019, The Importance of HVAC Duct Submittals

August 2019, HVAC Duct Fabrication Basics

July 2019, HVAC in Retrofitting and Restoration

May 2019, HVAC Layout Solutions

April 2019, 50 Years of Change in HVAC

March 2019, HVAC Trends in 2019

February 2019, 20 Years of ZEN Industries

January 2019, Building Automation Systems and Spiral Duct


December 2018, Tariffs and Trends in HVAC

November 2018: Sheet Metal Workers & HVAC Careers

October 2018: Trends in the HVAC Industry

September 2018: Tariffs Impact Sheet Metal

August 2018: Common Duct Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

July 2018: What is the Best HVAC Duct for Contractors?

June 2018: 5 Ways Contractors Save on Commercial HVAC Installation

May 2018: Beyond HVAC Fabrication, ZEN's Comprehensive Services

April 2018: Save Up to 10% on HVAC Fabrication Costs

March 2018: HVAC Installers Save on Installation Labor with ZEN Industries

February 2018: HVAC FMSL - ZEN Makes this Expensive Process History

January 2018: The ZEN Way


December 2017: BIM Services from ZEN M.E.P.

November 2017: Reliable Estimating - a MUST in the HVAC Industry

October 2017: Employee Spotlight on Manufacturing

September 2017: Employee Spotlight on Shipping

August 2017: Employee Spotlight on Management & Integrations

June/July 2017: Special Edition | The HVAC Duct You Need Now!

March 2017: Slip Fitting vs. Flange Connecting System

February 2017: The HVAC Market Shows a Promising Future

January 2017: From A to Zen - Your Comprehensive HVAC Partner


December 2016: Helping Your Business Make More Profit

November 2016: The ZEN Difference, a Dedication to Quality Service

September 2016: Your Versatile Fabricating Partner for all HVAC Needs

August 2016: Top Ten Mistakes Made by Commercial HVAC Contractors

July 2016: ZEN Delivers

June 2016: Spiral Duct - Often the Best Choice in HVAC

May 2016: HVAC Estimating Software in the Small Business World

April 2016: Top 6 Reasons Small Businesses Fail

March 2016: Dedicated Duct Manufacturing

February 2016: Painting Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

January 2016: New ZEN Delivery Truck


March 2015 Special: HVAC Industry Job Postings

February 2015: HVAC Shop Supervisor Position Opening

January 2015: From Humble Beginnings to Extraordinary Capabilities


December 2014: From Rectangular Duct to Coordination Drawings: Value Added

November 2014: HVAC Accessory Fabrications

September 2014: Proactive vs. Reactive Project Management

August 2014: Heavy Fabrication and Specialty Metal Welding

July 2014: Overcoming a Shortage of Skilled Technicians

June 2014: B.I.M. / Coordination Drawings and Reliable Communications

April 2014: Best-of-ZEN

March 2014: Robotic Total Stations in MEP Installations

January 2014: HVAC Ordering in the Cloud


December 2013: Exposed Architectural Ductwork

November 2013: Humongous DUCT

September 2013: Achieving Zero Defects in Construction Projects

August 2013: Takeoffs go Mobile with iQduct HD Mobile Takeoff from QuoteSoft

June 2013: Coordination Drawings and BIM Projects

May 2013: The End of Do it Yourself HVAC Fabrication

April 2013: The HVAC Business Isn't Always What You Think it Is

March 2013: ZEN MEP Duct Drawings that Improve Your Profitability

February 2013: Building Information Modeling (BIM) Grows Dramatically)

January 2013: ZEN Industries Moves to 6200 Harvard Avenue


December 2012: Burglar Bars and Duct Barrier Grilles

November 2012: e-Newsletters You Can Use, ZEN's "Best of" Article Collection

October 2012: Share AutoCAD Drawings Anywhere, Online, for Free

September 2012: Mechanic's Lien Laws - Getting Paid for Your Work

August 2012: Duct Drawing and Shop Drawing Services

July 2012: The Contractor's Challenge - Finding Talent

May 2012: Saving Time and Money with Cold Seam Sealant

April 2012: Duct Drawings Done Right - ZEN launches ZEN M.E.P. Services

March 2012: Putting Manual Take Offs Out to Pasture

February 2012: Understanding HVAC Airflow Efficiencies

January 2012: Incompatible Software Costs the Equivalent of 1600 Jobs


December 2011: Traditional Slip Couplings vs. Flange Connecting Systems

November 2011: Roof Curb Adapters and Specialty Fabrication

October 2011: How Estimating Variances Affect Your Bottom Line

September 2011: Duct Drawings - Part of ZEN Industries' Full Service Approach

June 2011: ZEN's HVAC Consignment Program - A Proactive Approach

May 2011: Large Selection of HVAC Parts In Stock, Ready to Ship

April 2011: Industry Tip: Reduce the Time, Stress, and Cost of Estimating HVAC Work


DUCT DRAWINGS - Design to Fabrication.  ZEN duct drawings eliminate the imprecision and drafting errors of days past, saving you the headache of dealing with ill-fitting pieces and sorting through a jig-saw puzzle of delivered ductwork. 

The 10 Industries that lost the most jobs in 2010.  Read Mike Riley's account of the industries that lost and gained in 2010.  Mike is the editor of Fabricating & Metalworking Magazine.

Painting Over Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel.  Painting over Galvannealed HVAC ductwork presents its own unique challenges.  Learn the tricks of the trade that can help provide a lasting, professional job.

Automating HVAC Production Requests.  Using special software, ZEN Industries can help you free up the time of your estimators to do more quotes and waste less time on preparing take-offs.

To learn more about working with ZEN Industries

Call us today at 1-877-600-0274 and we'll be glad to answer any of your questions about how ZEN can make your HVAC project more time and budget effective.

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