February 2017 e-Newsletter 

HVAC Market Shows a Promising Future

A new year and a new outlook on the construction industry shows that 98% of contractors in the industry feel good about the HVAC market, according to a report from AHR Expo officials. You can read more in a recent SNIPS Magazine Survey.

Are Contractors Ready for Growth?

HVAC is slated to grow in 2017!It’s not only HVAC contractors who may have a busy year…

Between the reality of aging infrastructure in the US, as well as the new Administration’s commitment to business growth, a wide-spread need for construction expertise is not far around the corner.

But does the US have enough skilled and experienced construction workers to meet the upcoming demand? If the past few years are any indication, the answer seems to be a resounding “no.”

The HVAC market will grow by as much as 34% by 2020It is predicted that the HVAC market will grow by as much as 34% between now and 2020… an amount that equates to nearly 90,000 jobs. With growth on this scale on the horizon, new workers in the industry couldn’t be in greater demand.

Since the housing bust of eight years ago drove nearly 30% of construction workers into alternative jobs, a massive expansion in new construction in this past year has builders across the nations scrambling to find needed hands.

According to the US Department of Labor, this means that the demand for construction workers has been at its highest since 2007.

Looking to a recent article published by Fortune explains this urgent industry predicament further.

For contractors involved in HVAC construction, there is an answer.

Leave the fabrication of HVAC duct to ZEN Industries.

By subcontracting the fabrication of sheet metal to ZEN, contractors can take advantage of growing demand in the most profitable manner – increasing sales and using their skilled employees to do what they do best – installation and project management.

To learn more, call us at 877-600-0274 or visit our Contact Us page today!

ZEN’s State-of-the-Art Facility is up to the Challenge.

ZEN's state-of-the-art HVAC facility can handle all of your needs.Look no further than ZEN as a partner for HVAC success!

With over 80,000 sq. feet of production space, ZEN Industries brings robust infrastructure that is ready to provide hardcore HVAC production services for a rapidly expanding industry.

When industry growth challenges us, ZEN has an additional 30,000 sq. feet on deck, ready for rapid expansion of production.

ZEN Industries is ready and able to provide the top-notch services that your company has grown to trust on a scale that is poised to expand to meet today’s growing HVAC construction market.

Not only does our dedication to efficient and cost-effective production guarantee that ZEN is a valuable partner in the HVAC industry, our high level of access within the northern Ohio region makes us a highly efficient partner due to our location.

For fastest delivery, ZEN Industries provide our own in-house delivery services to a large portion of northern Ohio. Our close access (less than ten miles) from major highways, includes: I-77, I-480, I-90, and I-71.

Access to these convenient shipping corridors makes ZEN Industries a reliable and efficient provider of HVAC manufacturing services such as Rectangular Duct & Fittings, Spiral Duct, Double Wall Spiral, and PCD Ductwork.

One Great Tip for 2017

Cold Seam Sealant incorporated into your next HVAC order from ZEN will save you money and time!

Here’s the story: All your HVAC components have been delivered, and the job is underway and on-time.

You’re on schedule for now, but looking ahead, the process of duct sealing is looming as the most significant consumer of time in sight.

If your installation methods are still stuck in the 20th Century, the manual labor to seal spray or brush on sealant to all that duct is tremendous.

Any time you have personnel on ladders and lifts, working in inconvenient spaces, you’re paying a premium for painstaking work.

Once the initial duct sealing job is done, then comes pressure testing and yet more manual labor to identify leaks, seal the leaks, and pressure test again… costing hours and thousands of dollars.

Is your company seeking a more conservative approach?

Contact ZEN Industries today about adding cold seam sealer to the fabrication of your next HVAC project!

Let ZEN walk you through the benefits of sealing longitudinal seams with cold seam sealer at the time of manufacture in order to make your next project go more smoothly. Contact us today.

Success in Our Business is About Service

Success in our business is about service. The quality of our HVAC duct work is of the highest caliber and our price competitive with the best in the industry. Nonetheless, quality and price are default items today in sheet metal fabrication. They give us access to the playing field. Service is where ZEN Industries Inc. gains its edge, and service means people - it's about our experienced personnel and the relationships we build with each and every customer.

Learn more at www.zenindustries.com, Contact Us online, or call 877-600-0274 today.

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