ZEN Industries' April 2013 e-Newsletter 

The HVAC Business Isn't Always What You Think It Is

In this issue of the ZEN e-Newsletter we take a look at several articles that can nudge your thinking outside the box and help strengthen your company's bottom line.

Business Myths That Hold You Back

WSnips Magazinee all live by myths and common understandings that, upon closer inspection, turn out to be well worn ruts that can hold us back from speeding down the road to success.

In the article “Rules that should be broken” by James J Siegel in Snips Magazine, Mr. Siegel explodes several hidebound ideas.

He starts with the myth that businesses can train and educate their way past their weaknesses, when the greatest opportunities for success lie in recognizing and exploiting the strengths of your company and its employees.

The article takes several interesting turns, from how Yellow Page ads can be an expensive and ineffective use of marketing dollars to how communicating well with your employees and your customers is at least as important as doing a good job.

You can learn more by reading Rules that should be broken at Snips Magazine online (free registration required). 

Severe Hiring Shortage - Is It Here Now?

We hear every day that the unemployment rate is high and things are so bad people are dropping out of the work force. That should mean it’s an employer’s market for new hires, right?

Unfortunately, in the HVAC field that’s not quite the case. A recent study by Fluke Corporation, a world leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of electronic test tools and software, showed that eighty five percent of HVAC and electrical employers are in need of qualified workers right now.

Making the situation worse, the study found almost 25 percent of the industry will be retiring in the next five years.

You can learn more by reading Study: HVAC companies need qualified workers at Snips Magazine online (free registration required).

Poor Job Satisfaction in the HVAC Industry

In general, the HVAC Industry has a tough time recruiting new blood into the field. Even long-time workers have an attitude of “I wouldn’t want my kids in this business,” and career satisfaction in HVAC is less than half that of US workers overall.

Attitudes don’t seem to be keeping pace with changing reality, however. Today, much HVAC work requires highly skilled labor and a hands-on education as rigorous as any university-level curriculum. HVAC veterans often work with computerized equipment and perform mathematical calculations beyond the skills of most college graduates.

Earning potential too is increasing, and skilled construction workers today can often out-perform their college educated, white collar counterparts.

You can learn more by reading Construction workers can’t get ‘satisfaction,’ it seems at Snips Magazine online (free registration required).

Doing Business on a Handshake and Notice of Furnishing

Many company owners in the HVAC industry built their businesses on a handshake and by being true to their word. Paperwork meant shop drawings and penciled calculations, and anything in “legalese” was a fine print bother that had little to do with getting the job done.

Today Notices of Furnishing and of Commencement are a part of doing business and, instead of a bother, are a sign of being a professional. Knowing and following through with Mechanics Lien Laws not only offers valuable protection but makes you look more reliable to owners, general contractors, and even to your banker.

Handshakes and old-fashioned values remain as important today as they ever were, but attending to your Lien Rights is just like having insurance. It’s the unforeseen and unanticipated adversity you’re protecting yourself and your company against.

You can learn more by reading Ohio Mechanic’s Lien Law: Top 4 Reasons to Serve a Notice of Furnishing at the online legal resource Avvo.

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