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ZEN Industries eNewsletter:
April 2020

ZEN Industries Makes Dream Homes Come True

True to Our Mission

ZEN Industries Makes Dream Homes Come TrueSince 1999, ZEN Industries has remained committed to our core values of integrity, caring and stewardship. It is these values that allow us to provide the highest-quality ductwork and fittings for project managers across the country, while also making a positive impact on our community.

With this in mind, we are proud to have provided HVAC materials and ductwork for Westland HVAC of Cleveland, Ohio for the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. Located in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, this St. Jude Dream Home was made possible by ZEN Industries’ quality, reliable residential ductwork systems.

The Dream Home Project

St. Jude Children’s Research HospitalSt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been saving the lives of children since 1962, dedicating their research to the treatment of children with serious illnesses such as sickle-cell disease and leukemia. Families of patients at St. Jude never receive a hospital bill for treatments, thanks to a strong network of supporters like us across the nation. ZEN Industries is proud to be counted among the supporters of St. Jude’s Mission by providing HVAC ductwork and fittings for St. Jude’s Dream Home ZEN Industries ST JudesGiveaway in Cleveland.

Learn more about the project at the St. Jude’s website.

This 3,000 square foot house will be awarded to the winner of the drawing on Wednesday, June 17, 2020. The funds from each of the $100 tickets go toward funding lifesaving medical research and treatment for St. Jude’s child patients.

Ever since our founding, ZEN Industries has stuck to three main corporate values:

  • Integrity: We are committed to giving you reliable HVAC ductwork and components in a quick and efficient manner. All of our HVAC ductwork is manufactured to 3rd Edition 2005 SMACNA standards, so you can be assured of the quality materials you are getting when you order from us.
  • Caring: ZEN Industries proudly participates in community projects like the St. Jude Dream Home Project. We recognize the efforts of St. Jude hospital workers and support their ambitious progress in their fight for children’s health.
  • Stewardship: Responsible planning and management of our resources is central to our business model. With our ZEN M.E.P. fast and reliable shop drawings, our system cuts down on errors and improves the efficiency of our customers.

Affordable, Reliable Quality

HVAC Services like Westland know they can count on ZEN Industries for efficient service and well-made components. We help HVAC contractors acquire the best ductwork and fittings for both commercial and residential projects.

As a full-service HVAC supplier, ZEN Industries makes the order process easy for you by partnering with your team every step of the way, saving you time and hassle. To make things even easier, we partner with mechanical contractors to make sure we supply you the right ductwork for the job.

Our ductwork lines include Low Pressure, Medium Pressure, and High Pressure Galvanized Spiral.

  • Rectangular Slip & Drive       
  • Rectangular TDF        
  • Rectangular Double-Wall      
  • Rectangular Welded       
  • Spiral Single-Wall    
  • Spiral Double-Wall       
  • PCD Polyvinyl Coated Ductwork        
  • Round Pipe Welded   
  • Specialty Items and Accessories

Specialty Metals for Spiral and Rectangular Ductwork

  • Galvanized G-90    
  • Stainless Steel    
  • Aluminum    
  • PCD Polyvinyl Coated       
  • Galvanneal (paint grip) and Perforated       
  • Available in gauges 16 through 26

Would you like to learn more? Call us at 877-600-0274, or visit our Contact Us page today!

Saving Time and Money, The ZEN Way

At ZEN Industries we help HVAC contractors like Westland save up to 35% in costs by utilizing our Coordination Drawing and Shop Drawing capability to map out the duct in a 3-D software. This virtual model ensures that every piece that arrives on-site is accounted for and clearly numbered, so that you can know exactly where each piece goes. Using the ZEN Way, we help to save you both time on installation labor and costs, giving you a competitive advantage.

ZEN can also help you save on material costs by fabricating all of the piece you need. Choosing ZEN as your dedicated HVAC fabricator saves you the cost of purchasing materials and maintaining the equipment used to build the ductwork and specialty materials.

With our shop drawings and in-house fabrication capabilities, we save you time and money - the ZEN way.

Proud Partners

We are proud to be counted among the contributors to the St. Jude Cleveland Dream Home giveaway. Our ductwork and fittings allowed this home to become a reality, all while supporting a fantastic cause along the way.

The St. Jude Dream Home Project raises thousands of dollars for St. Jude’s network of hospitals and healthcare professionals that provide the lifesaving treatment that their patients need.

Fundraising efforts like this ensure that families of St. Jude patients never receive a bill for any treatments. This fundraising effort wouldn’t have been possible without ZEN’s high quality fabricated residential ductwork.

To find out how ZEN Industries can save you money and speed up your workflow, don’t hesitate to contact us or call ZEN Industries at 877-600-0274.


Success is All About Great Service

Founded in 1999 on a set of unbreakable core principles, ZEN strives to provide top-quality fabrication, advice, and planning for our customers.

The quality of our HVAC duct work is of the highest caliber and our price is competitive with the best in the industry. Of course, ZEN Industries Inc. gains its edge with unbeatable service, and service means people - it's about our experienced personnel and the relationships we build with each and every customer.

Learn more at www.ZENindustries.com

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