ZEN Industries' May 2013 e-Newsletter 

The End of Do It Yourself HVAC Fabrication

Tight Profit Margins and Vanishing Skill Sets Mean Fewer Sources of Quality HVAC Fabrication

HVAC Welder at WorkIn the HVAC Industry, there has been a long tradition of HVAC Contractors manufacturing their own HVAC ductwork in-house.  The reasons were obvious to everyone.

  • Direct control of production.
  • Assurance of quality.
  • Reliable and timely delivery.

What's changing?

With a struggling economy, profit margins are tighter than ever.  Even for larger HVAC contractors, the investment in software, coil lines, and plasma tables can be daunting. 

Still more critical, experienced personnel qualified in HVAC fabrication are getting scarce.

AHVAC Rectangular Ducts we saw in last months article 'Severe Hiring Shortage - is it Here Now?' 25% of the industry will be retiring over the next five years and this year alone 85% of employers in the HVAC industry are reporting a difficulty in finding qualified new hires.  But there's more:

  • Lack of purchasing power in materials procurement means higher cost.
  • Maintaining equipment and inventory requires its own infrastructure.
  • As the economy dips, keeping individual in-house shops busy is a challenge. 
  • Contractors realize their core competency is installation, not manufacturing.

With all these difficulties, it's clear that the old model of in-house manufacturing has become an inefficient profit sink, a maze of materials procurement problems, labor problems, inventory problems, and project management problems!

Specialist HVAC Fabricators Are the Way to Go

Spiral HVAC DuctIt only makes sense that a facility devoted to HVAC ductwork production, supplying a nationwide clientele, would have the best production people, the most experienced estimators, the lowest cost in materials procurement, and the most efficient systems for inventory handling.

And it's true.  At ZEN Industries, our "core competencies" include:

  • Setting the bar for accurate estimation and precise shop drawings.
  • High quality HVAC. fabrication few competitors can come close to.
  • On time, exceptionally reliable delivery.

To top it off, ZEN delivers all this at affordable prices. 

At ZEN Industries, we've focused our business on building solid relationships with each contractor.  Working with you, we streamline estimating using the most recent technical advancements, collaborate on ductwork design for greater performance and installation efficiency, and review project obstacles up-front in an effort to reduce labor and material waste.

To learn more, including how your company can develop a working partnership with ZEN Industries that takes advantage of our new streamlined automated bidding process, please contact ZEN’s VP of Sales & Estimating, Heather Rodehaver, at 877-600-0274, or via email to Heather.Rodehaver@zenindustries.com

No matter how big or small your project:

ZEN Industries provides all or part of your HVAC needs. HVAC ductwork manufactured according to your schedule, meeting 3rd Edition 2005 SMACNA standards. Contact Heather Rodehaver - Business Development Representative at 877-600-0274.

Success in our business is about service.

The quality of our HVAC duct work is of the highest caliber and our price competitive with the best in the industry. Nonetheless, quality and price are default items today in sheet metal fabrication. They give us access to the playing field. Service is where ZEN Industries Inc. gains its edge, and service means people - it's about our experienced personnel and the relationships we build with each and every customer. Learn more at www.ZENIndustries.com.

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