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Spiral Duct: Often the Best Choice in HVAC

Spiral duct ready to ship from our Ohio facility!Over the past 2 decades, spiral duct has seen a massive increase in popularity world-wide.

In Western Europe, where energy costs are much higher than in the U.S. and energy efficiency is critical, the benefits of spiral duct have long proven themselves in commercial and industrial applications.

Today in the U.S., the Spiral Duct Manufacturers Association (SPIDA) sees as its mission the promotion of spiral duct, round duct, and flat oval duct as a superior product for many applications.

Spiral duct is a great alternative to traditional rectangular duct in many applications.

According to ACHRNews.com, spiral duct has become so popular that the decision makers involved in the Pentagon Renovation Program, completed in 2011, chose to replace the existing duct system in the Pentagon with a more efficient, quieter, space-saving spiral duct system. The replacement was part of a mandated plan to lower total energy costs by 35%.

Why Spiral Ductwork?


Though there are still applications that may require rectangular duct, there can be many advantages when working with spiral duct over rectangular duct. These include:Spiral duct connectors

  • Aesthetics – Many clients feel that spiral duct looks neater than rectangular. Because spiral is manufactured in pieces as long as 20’, there is less need for unsightly seams, stabilizers, and hangers.

  • Noise – Spiral ductwork offers more even static pressure throughout the whole system. This greatly reduces the volume at which the system operates by reducing the chances of over-pressurizing ducts.

  • Cleanliness – Less gaps to fill in ductwork means reduced chance of dust, mold, dirt, and other allergens being pulled into return air. Spiral ductwork is conducive to a safe, healthy, and productive workplace.

  • Ease of Installation – According to FacilityExecutive.com, spiral duct on average weighs 25% less, takes up less space, and is quicker and easier to install than rectangular ductwork - meaning less headaches for contractors and clients alike.

  • Leak Reduction – As mentioned previously, less gaps to seal means less leaks. According to SPIDA, spiral ductwork can see leak levels as low as 1%. That’s a 90% reduction in leakage compared to the rectangular ductwork of 20 years ago. Less leakage means less power consumption and less maintenance time, as well.

Spiral duct elbow joints…all of which add up to less man-hours tied up between installation and maintenance, often making spiral duct the most cost-effective solution – especially in the high-performance, high-velocity systems typically found in large buildings.

ZEN Industries is a Leading Spiral Duct Manufacturer

ZEN Industries Inc. is a manufacturer of ductwork and fittings for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional HVAC construction projects. Founded in 1999 on a set of unbreakable core principles, ZEN strives to provide top-quality fabrication, advice, and
planning for our customers.

Contact Zen Industries online today or call us at 877-600-0274 for more information on spiral duct.

Spiral Ductwork vs. Rectangular Ductwork

Though superior for many applications, spiral duct is not the correct answer for every job.

When planning to install duct, two of any contractor’s largest concerns are required space and required pressure. Keeping in mind the space potentially used by other utilities like electric and water lines is absolutely essential when considering spiral duct.

  • When to Use Spiral Duct – Spiral duct work is great for jobs that require long, open runs of duct. Spiral duct is manufactured in lengths of up to 20 feet with minimal connectors and sealants required. Because it is taller than rectangular duct, however, spiral duct is not a usable option for many in-wall, tight applications. Spiral duct looks and functions best in large, open-air environments like gyms and industrial buildings.

  • When to Use Rectangular Duct – Rectangular duct is ideal for in-wall applications requiring a lower profile than spiral duct can offer. Spiral duct is also not high performer in low-pressure situations – rectangular duct still holds the title of King for low-pressure systems.

Neither spiral nor rectangular duct is superior 100% of the time, so more important than choosing the right duct is choosing the right contractor who will know what duct you need and where to put it. When in doubt, always consult an HVAC expert like Zen Industries.

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