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ZEN Employee Spotlight

When companies do business with ZEN, they work with some of the most experienced and talented HVAC experts in the industry.  This month our Spotlight falls on two dedicated individuals whose talent and dedication help assure that your order is always done right.

Ed Ebner, Project Management

HVAC Project Management - Ed Ebner at ZEN IndustriesEd Ebner, Operations Manager at ZEN Industries, has been involved in sheet metal fabrication since 1990. He has been an integral part of the ZEN team for nearly a decade.

Ed is responsible for purchasing and estimating, both for sheet metal and complete HVAC mech plan and spec jobs.  When customers need help with duct design, sizing, and layout, Ed’s experience proves invaluable in assuring overall project quality. 

Ed knows that when we help our customers succeed, everyone’s business has the opportunity to grow.  Mr. Ebner’s duties are wide ranging, and include:

  • Obtaining and clarifying project specifications
  • Job costing, processing, and billing
  • Customer service, consultation and communication

Ed developed ZEN’s internal standards using his expertise and industry experience, as well as his knowledge of SMACNA construction standards.  He literally wrote the book upon which ZEN currently operates.

According to Ed, “I pay close attention to details and learn our customers’ needs and expectations. The most important part of my job is to ensure the quality and timely completion of every order.”

Rick Schmetzer, Integrator

HVAC Integrator - Rick Schmetzer, ZEN IndustriesRick Schmetzer is ZEN’s Integrator.  Reporting directly to the owners and taking lead on management and accountability issues, the Integrator’s job is to bring all the components that make ZEN run, from Project Management and Manufacturing to Shipping and Customer Service together as a unified whole.

“We go to great lengths to make sure all details are addressed and to find solutions to any problems that might arise,” Schmetzer said. “We own the job from start to completion.  Whatever challenges we come up against, we get the job done and resolve all issues to the satisfaction of the customer.”

Mr. Schmetzer's duties include:

  • Leading, Managing, and Accountability
  • Removing Obstacles & Barriers
  • Special Project Management

Another of ZEN’s strong points, according to Rick, is ZEN’s culture of continual learning and the passing down of expertise. We employ many people with different levels of experience, from 20 years on the job to new hires starting out. At ZEN, our focus is to make everyone better, more capable, and supportive of one another, assuring the success of the next generation of HVAC experts.

A dedication to quality products and exceptional customer service are among the many reasons contractors choose ZEN Industries. Team members like Rick Schmetzer and Ed Ebner bring their personal commitment to the success of every job we undertake.

Interested in working with the dedicated team at ZEN? Call us at 877-600-0274, or visit our Contact Us page today!

Improve Design, Efficiency, and Quality with Spiral Duct

Spiral Duct InstallationSpiral Duct Brings Substantial Cost Savings, Making it an Appealing Choice for Modern Contractors

As a contractor, you know how important it is to ensure that overhead is kept to a minimum, so why continue to install rectangular ductwork systems when there’s clearly a better option?

When you work with spiral duct, not only does it allow for less weight in material to achieve the same airflow, it also requires less insulation… a clear economic advantage.

Quoting a recent article in Snips Magazine: “Rectangular duct, fabricated to SMACNA standards, used 20-22 gauge materials with TDC/TDF connectors. The spiral lock-seam SMACNA standard was 22-24 gauge. The gauge change alone saves 10 percent in pounds of material.”

Another appealing aspect of Spiral Duct is that it leaks much less than rectangular. So much so, that spiral duct is code-exempt from the sealing requirements stipulated under ASHRAE’s 9.1 for residential buildings.

Spiral Duct Outperforms and Looks Better

Not only does spiral duct win out in cost-efficiency, it can add value in the sense of quality and design appeal.

While its advantages in practicality make it an appealing choice to customers and contractors alike, the look and appearance of spiral duct is generally seen as more aesthetically pleasing.

Spiral offers advantages in efficiency, as well.

Spiral duct allows air to travel at a significantly lower pressure, while moving the same volume as rectangular duct with comparable airflow. This enables HVAC systems employing spiral duct to not only operate more quietly, but to be more energy efficient.

Because a spiral duct system requires less power to move the same volume of air, it adds more value to the installation in the long-run, creating energy savings for the customer.

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ZEN Industries is Your Spiral Specialist

Let ZEN Industries be your partner in the HVAC Industry as an experienced, high-quality manufacturer of spiral ductwork of all types.

At ZEN, not only do we offer:

  • Round Spiral Duct
  • Double Wall Spiral Duct
  • Flat Oval Spiral Duct

We also have the capabilities of producing spiral ductwork in a variety of materials and coatings, including:

  • Galvanized G-90
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • PCD Polyvinyl Coated
  • Galvanneal

A Full Service HVAC Supplier

At ZEN Industries, we provide a comprehensive array of products for HVAC contractors and large construction projects. In addition to Spiral Ductwork, ZEN features Double Wall Spiral, Rectangular Ductwork, PCD Ductwork, and Specialty Ductwork

We are known for delivering affordable, high-quality product on-time and on-budget. Our customer service is second to none.

Contact ZEN Industries today to learn more.

Success in our business is about service.

Success in our business is about service.

The quality of our HVAC duct work is of the highest caliber and our price is competitive with the best in the industry. Nonetheless, quality and price are default items today's in sheet metal fabrication. They give us access to the playing field.

ZEN Industries Inc. gains its edge with unbeatable service, and service means people - it's about our experienced personnel and the relationships we build with each and every customer.

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