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August 2021

Reduce Your Field Labor Exposure
with Pre-Sealed Duc

Pre-Sealed Duct from ZEN Offers Real Savings

Seam Sealing of HVAC DuctWe don’t often talk about pre-sealed duct, but it is one of the simple and powerful ways that ZEN Industries can save money on HVAC duct installation for your construction project.

Does your construction schedule include on-site laborers with chip brushes and cans of sealant, applying mastic or perhaps using newer spray sealants?

No matter the method, at ZEN Industries we can help you save on most or all of that on-site labor when you take advantage of our automated sealing services applied during duct fabrication.

The applicator in our Pittsburgh roll former delivers the perfect amount of sealant, bonding along all longitudinal seams with cold seam sealant. Automating the sealant process is infinitely more efficient than applying sealant by hand, where to seal each piece you may have attend to 2 or even 4 longitudinal seams, depending on the shape.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Locations on the duct system that should be sealed include all transverse joints, longitudinal, seams, and duct wall penetrations, as well as air handlers and filter boxes.

When included during the fabrication of HVAC duct and fittings, cold seam sealer is very inexpensive per linear foot, as it adds virtually no labor or extra time to the fabrication process.

We also provide insulated duct for the highest levels of noise reduction and energy efficiency.

Pre-Sealing Gives You Back More than Money

Insulated Dcutwork from ZEN IndustriesThe logic for pre-sealing ductwork is about more than saving costs vs. on-site sealing. Automated sealing with cold seam sealant is more precise and long-lasting.

That means less air loss and reduced stress on the HVAC system over the long haul. ZEN’s duct sealing techniques provide for energy savings, less wear, and maintenance— and cost savings for the life of the building.

Additionally, when working with ZEN, you can take advantage of our precision estimating, manufacturing, and labeling services. We can deliver precision, labeled duct lengths that are simply easier to install, adding to a reduction in installation time and labor cost.

If your project is one where rigorous specifications and duct pressure testing are critical to success, then ZEN’s pre-sealing can markedly increase seal strength and longevity. Add on a manual sealing pass with mastic or spray sealant, and your installation achieves a perfect and enduring seal.

With leaks minimized or eliminated, you also save labor when it comes to tracking down leaks and sealant issues.

We’ve pioneered a variety of ways to save on duct acquisition. If you’d like to learn more about them, give us a call at 877-600-0274 or visit our website today.

Tight Supplies Have Diven Up Steel Prices

And High Prices Could be Here to Stay

Over the last half century, the world has moved to a “just-in-time” economy, with vast savings delivered to business and consumers over the old ways of stockpiling and inefficient inventories.

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic revealed how easy it is to shut such a system down, and how difficult it can be to start back up again. In fact, the New York Times recently ran an article titled How the World Ran Out of Everything.

In the world of HVAC duct fabrication, a big factor in the recovery has been the right supply and increasing price of steel.

The benchmark price of hot-rolled coils has risen to $1,600 per short ton from just $500 a year ago. And that is if you can get it.

According to an article in Barrons, the current upcycle for steel is likely to endure for a at least a couple more years. That’s good news for steel stocks in the U.S., but certainly causes problems downstream as construction projects struggle to deal with rapidly inflating prices.

While the shutdowns and supply disruptions caused by COVID in recent years are one factor, additional price drivers include the rise in U.S. steel tariffs over the last few years, along with the currently cheap dollar, and China’s recent moves to shut down polluting blast furnaces. In the end, more demand is falling to U.S. based steel facilities.

Regardless of the economics, if you are looking for the best cost in metal duct and venting, or industrial HVAC duct and the price of steel is getting to be a factor, call ZEN Industries at 877-600-0274 or visit our website today. We’ve optimized our production of duct across the board, so you always can count on ZEN to bring you the highest quality duct at the most affordable price.

Experience Determines Quality

In almost any industry, it’s not all about method, software, or supply. ZEN leads in optimization and efficiency of HVAC duct production because of our experienced and dedicated team.

As an experienced fabricator of HVAC duct for over 22 years, ZEN Industries supplies traditional Rectangular Ductwork as well as Spiral Ductwork, Double Wall Spiral, , PCD Ductwork, and Specialty Ductwork.

Interested in learning more about how ZEN Industries can fulfill your project needs for HVAC duct and fittings? Call us at 877-600-0274 or complete our Contact Us form today.

Success is All About Great Service

Founded in 1999 on a set of unbreakable core principles, ZEN strives to provide top-quality fabrication, advice, and planning for our customers.

The quality of our HVAC duct work is of the highest caliber and our price is competitive with the best in the industry. Of course, ZEN Industries Inc. gains its edge with unbeatable service, and service means people - it's about our experienced personnel and the relationships we build with each and every customer.

At ZEN Industries, we believe success is all about great service. Our affordable HVAC shop drawings, estimating services, and duct fabrication can be reached at 877-600-0274, or visit our Contact Us page today!

Learn more at www.ZENindustries.com

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