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ZEN Industries eNewsletter: October 2018

2019 HVAC Trends and Opportunities

A Traditional Industry Embraces the 21s Century

HVAC Trends in 2019Designed by Alfred Wolff in 1902, the first air conditioning system was built to cool the New York Stock Exchange.

Today, according to TechSci Research, “Increasing application of HVAC systems in residential, commercial and industrial sectors is bolstering demand for HVAC systems.” The North American HVAC Market is set to exceed $44 Billion in business by 2022.

That means the top trend for 2019 is growth.

Technology continues to revolutionize the way the industry is managed. Like many businesses, HVAC fabrication is becoming fast-paced and data driven, replacing gut decisions and back of the envelope calculations with precise metrics and computer aided design.

New software and building information management (BIM) techniques provide big savings, including: eliminating field measuring and sketching labor (FMSL), reducing fabrication costs through precise coordination models, eliminating the need to do manual take-offs, and more accurate estimating capabilities than ever before.

At ZEN Industries, we’ve created a business process using the best of these techniques to bring our buyers up to 35% savings on HVAC ductwork. Call us at 877-600-0274 to learn more!

Green Building and Building Automation

Green Building and LEED Construction MethodsThe trend toward green building and building automation continues to grow. The reasons are clear. Efficient, automated buildings cost less money to maintain; their energy use is lower, and they are more sustainable.

Microprocessor systems that monitor HVAC use and shift heating and cooling resources to zones where they are needed will continue to improve as smart building technology matures.

When it comes to HVAC, Green Building concerns itself with indoor air quality as well as efficiency and comfort. There is a growing focus on energy use, including high efficiency equipment, heat reclaiming and limiting heat loss, renewable energy sources, and more.

The World Green Building Council has set a goal of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Software is No Longer High Tech

HVAC Software in the FieldAs we look forward to 2019, using computer aided systems is no longer an option.

 Software plays a big role in today’s HVAC industry.

  • Estimating software has replaced spreadsheets, drafting boards, and paper drawings.

  • Shop drawings are modeled in computer software up to 50% faster and more accurately.

  • Building Information Modeling allows entire buildings to be built out precisely in 3D software before the foundation is ever laid, including duct runs.

  • Coordination models help builders avoid conflict between the trades, so that plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installers never butt heads on site.

  • Manageable data is available to project managers right on-site, via Internet enabled devices like tablets and smartphones. Change orders made on site can be integrated into a production line moments later.

  • As the technologies available to support the HVAC industry continue to blossom, it can be confusing for the average contractor to decide which system is best. The truth is, no one software product is perfect for everyone.

Too many contractors get burned because they choose a great sounding software that, in practice doesn’t address their needs, solve their problems, or help them make more money.

That’s where ZEN Industries can help. Our ZEN M.E.P. division is dedicated to finding and mastering the most effective software solutions. Want to hear more, call us at 877-600-0274, or visit our Contact Us page today!

Find a Service Partner

Dan Zeniseck of ZEN IndustriesDon’t be overwhelmed. The future may be here, but that doesn’t mean it needs to leave you behind.

To make the most of your HVAC installation business, one approach is to maximize the values of your core skills and rely on a service partner to handle the software and technical challenges that continue to advance rapidly.

ZEN Industries can be that partner. Our services include:

  • Quality HVAC duct fabrication

  • Estimating and Takeoffs

  • Shop Drawings

  • Coordination Modeling

We deliver these services in a fast, reliable, and affordable way that allows you to do what you do best, install ductwork with expertise and efficiency. When your team and our team work hand-in-hand, we know we can help improve your bottom line.

After all, the true trend in 2019 should be for increased profits for everyone in the HVAC industry.

Call us today at 877-600-0274 to speak with an HVAC ductwork specialist about your project.

ZEN Industries is Your Best HVAC Duct Source

At ZEN Industries, we manufacture ductwork for all your projects and needs. We are a time-tested fabricator of rectangular duct, spiral duct, double wall spiral, PCD, and more.

The experienced fabricators at ZEN even work in specialty metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized and galvanneal (paint grip) in gauges ranging from 16 to 26.

  • Rectangular Slip & Drive

  • Rectangular TDF

  • Rectangular Double-Wall

  • Rectangular Welded

  • Spiral Single-Wall

  • Spiral Double-Wall

  • PCD Polyvinyl Coated Ductwork

  • Round Pipe Welded

  • Specialty Items and Accessories

Our HVAC ductwork includes options for Low Pressure, Medium Pressure, and High-Pressure installations. Learn more on our HVAC Ductwork, Specialty Ductwork, and PCD Ductwork pages.

The ZEN Way

When you put our unique approach together with our time and money saving processes, what do you have? We call it The ZEN Way, and it results in proven cost savings of between 30% and 35%.

Those are the kind of savings that allow HVAC contractors to grow their business and dominate their local markets. At ZEN, our greatest satisfaction comes from playing a part in your success.

Call us today at 877-600-0274, or send us your inquiry using our easy Contact Form.

Success in All About Great Service

The quality of our HVAC duct work is of the highest caliber and our price is competitive with the best in the industry. Of course, ZEN Industries Inc. gains its edge with unbeatable service, and service means people - it's about our experienced personnel and the relationships we build with each and every customer.

Learn more at www.ZENindustries.com

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