ZEN Industries' November 2011 e-Newsletter 

Roof Curb Adapters and Specialty Fabrication

Roof Curb Adapter from ZEN Industries

Retrofitting Commercial HVAC Equipment

When installing HVAC roof top equipment, new units often come with roof curbs, or have curbs offered as an accessory.

However, when removing an old roof top unit for retrofit, these accessory roof curbs prove incompatible with the existing curb, vent positions, and roof penetrations.

At ZEN Industries, we  fabricate customized curb adapters to make your roof top unit retrofit go smoothly, providing a weather-tight seal along with the durability and cost-effectiveness you're looking for.

Roof Curb from ZEN IndustriesIn addition to precision customization, at ZEN we understand the need to have your order expedited (delivered yesterday if possible).  From your first call to ZEN customer service through the process of ordering and delivery, you'll recognize the difference ZEN brings to the table.

  • Roof curb adapters made to your precise specification
  • Quick order turnaround and delivery
  • Affordable, high quality solutions

Of course ZEN makes standard roof curbs too.  Whatever your roof top unit installation needs, Contact ZEN today!

Specialty Fabrication

Duct SupportIn addition to customized RTU curb adapters, ZEN has a wide range of experience in fabricating custom pieces, everything from sheet metal and aluminum to black iron and heavy gauge steel.

One-of-a-kind support or duct pieces are a specialty few competitors can match.

Whatever your needs, don't hesitate to ask.

  • Exhaust ductwork
  • Heavy gauge welded ductwork
  • Grease duct
  • Stainless steel kitchen hoods
  • Aluminum dishwasher exhaust ductwork
  • Flexi duct, gaskets, hardware, and more

At ZEN Industries, we're constantly pushing the envelope with regard to estimating efficiencies, quality HVAC ductwork, and on-time, on-budget delivery. 

To learn more, including how your company can develop a working partnership with ZEN Industries, please contact ZEN's VP of Business Development Representative, Patrick Jovanovic, at 877-600-0274, or via email to Heather.Rodehaver@zenindustries.com.  


Experts in Welded Ductwork.  ZEN enjoys a reputation for delivering on the most demanding jobs, including welded aluminum ductwork, welded stainless steel, black iron, and heavy gauge industrial duct.   Read More... 

No matter how demanding the project, ZEN Industries has the experience and expertise you need. To learn more, Contact ZEN Industries today!  

No matter how big or small your project:

ZEN Industries provides all or part of your HVAC needs. HVAC ductwork manufactured according to your schedule, meeting 3rd Edition 2005 SMACNA standards. Contact Heather Rodehaver - Business Development Representative at 877-600-0274.

Success in our business is about service.

The quality of our HVAC duct work is of the highest caliber and our price competitive with the best in the industry. Nonetheless, quality and price are default items today in sheet metal fabrication. They give us access to the playing field. Service is where ZEN Industries Inc. gains its edge, and service means people - it's about our experienced personnel and the relationships we build with each and every customer. Learn more at www.ZENIndustries.com.

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