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At ZEN Industries, Inc., we know most e-Newsletters are a waste of your time. You really don’t need to know what awards we’ve won, what conferences we’re attending, or how the latest company party went.

That’s why we strive to bring you news you can use, especially articles about working efficiently, saving money, and increasing your profits. Then we archive those articles online so that you can access them anytime, when that brilliant idea we talked about 6 months ago finally makes sense for you to investigate.

This month we take a look at some of the most helpful articles over the last couple of years. You could call this our “Best of” issue.

HVAC Industry Articles

HVAC Commercial DuctworkSpiral Duct - Superior Results with Lower Cost

Studies have shown that using spiral ductwork results in cost savings across a range of markets. That's why spiral duct's market share in North America continues to grow.

You too can lower production, installation, and maintenance costs with Spiral Duct. Read More…

Problems with "In-House" HVAC Fabrication   

Times are changing. The long tradition of HVAC Contractors manufacturing their own HVAC ductwork in-house is under increasing scrutiny.

Is "in-house" control really a formula for higher quality and successful projects, or as the science of HVAC progresses are we seeing that dedicated fabrication shops are set to serve the industry best? Read More…

Bad Estimating Methods Can Eat Your Bottom Line

In the world of HVAC, profit margins are slim and your bottom line can be crippled by everyday variances in estimating.

The biggest problem is establishing a base unit that is both accurate and consistent. With no industry-wide standard, each software system uses its own approach, and this can cause some expensive problems. Read More…

Field Work Tips

Flange Fitting HVACPainting Over Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

A common challenge in working with HVAC ductwork is painting galvanized steel pieces. Whether the reason is corrosion protection or architectural design, the challenge is the same.  Read More…

Slip Fitting vs. Flange Connecting System, Up to 50% Savings

When it comes to HVAC installation, there are two primary areas where you can save money (and improve your profit margin): material costs and labor costs. Nowhere is this relationship clearer than in the difference between traditional slip couplings and a modern flange connecting system.  Read More…

Pressure Loss with Duct Size Changes

 By using the equation Quantity = Area X Velocity you can calculate duct size changes while maintaining the same quantity (CFM) and velocity (FPM) in the duct. Unfortunately, the equation does not take pressure loss due to friction into account, but you have to! Read More…

Business Insights

Top 10 Reasons Businesses FailTop 10 Reasons Businesses Fail

A lot of information on why businesses fail has come from business owners (it was the fault of the bank, the economy, the employees, etc.) Unfortunately, the reasons for failure cited by the owners are frequently off point.  Read More…

Prevailing Wage Rates in Construction

Up-to-date prevailing wage rates are available online for every construction trade in over 400 US metro areas. Access is available through a FREE account at the Construction Work Zone website. Read More…

Lien Laws - Getting Paid for Your Work

No matter the circumstances, what do you do when you're told you're not getting paid?  When you're under contract to improve someone's property, you have a right to be paid, regardless of their changing circumstances.  Mechanic's lien laws protect your rights.  Read More…

Saving Time, Money, and Headaches with Software

Duct Drawing SoftwarePutting Manual Take Offs Out to Pasture

One thing a tough economy does effectively is shake out inefficient business practices. In the world of HVAC estimating, this means putting manual take offs out to pasture. Not a sales pitch for the latest software, this is ZEN’s experience going digital and how it can help you.  Read More…

EastCoast CAD/CAM for Duct Drawings

Learn how ZEN’s new M.E.P. service uses EastCoast CAD/CAM software to deliver accurate detailing and reporting along with a clear visualization of how the final ductwork will be installed. Our experience - remarkably accurate, 50% faster, and less expensive. Read More…

AutoCAD on the Web – Real Time Collaboration

An obstruction on site wasn’t considered in the shop drawings. Notations are made in a field book and it’s back to the CAD engineer for revisions and reprinting. But what if everyone had real-time collaborative access to digital drawings? They can, today! Read More…

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