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HVAC Installation Tip to Save You $

Slip Fitting vs. Flange Connecting System

Slip Coupling vs Flange Connecting SystemWhen it comes to HVAC installation, there are two primary areas where you can save money (and improve your profit margin): material costs and labor costs.

In considering your project, it's important to understand these areas do not stand alone

Your materials can directly affect labor costs, and unless inventory is chosen wisely, any savings you may have thought to gain in a good deal on materials may be eaten up and surpassed by labor costs.

Nowhere is this relationship clearer than in the difference between traditional slip couplings and a modern flange connecting system.

Up To 50% Time Savings Compared to Other Systems

You know from experience, traditional slip couplings and reducers are simply clumsy to work with, and that means unnecessary labor time.  Slip fittings have several additional drawbacks.  With a coupler, joint strength resists pulling and compression, but does little for rigidity and hanging strength.  This weakness is multiplied for ductwork 30" and more in diameter.

What if you could improve the joint strength, seal, rigidity, and hanging strength of the entire ductwork structure AND save money at the same time.  This is exactly what flange connecting systems like AccuFlange™ from Spinfinity achieve.

According to Spinfinity, AccuFlange™ was designed with one overriding goal: to save field labor. Actual time studies reveal savings up to 50% compared to other systems.

Available for both round and oval duct, flanges fit inside the ductwork and are screwed or tack welded to the spiral itself, with a butyl gasket providing the seal.  Double wall can be handled the same way, with the flange engineered to have two rings, allowing various thicknesses of liner to go in between.  For more information:

Flange FittingWhile Spinfinity is an industry leader with its AccuFlange system, there are alternative flange systems that also save labor time and money.  Check out:


For joining round and oval ductwork, including double wall spiral, when the pipe size is 30" or larger, ZEN Industries recommends the use of a flange connecting system.

Flange connections not only provide a stronger joint,  improving the durability of the entire system, but most importantly save up to 50% labor time during installation.

At ZEN Industries, we're constantly pushing the envelope with regard to estimating efficiencies, quality HVAC ductwork, and on-time, on-budget delivery. 

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