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Burglar Bars

HVAC Roof Top Unit InspectionImproving HVAC Security

How often do you think of a building’s ductwork as a security risk?

Perhaps not as often as you should.

When most people think of roof vents and rooftop installations, they probably think of little more than changing a filter from time to time.

Yet last year burglars targeting Cleveland's Fifth District used roof vents to enter businesses and steal goods and cash, as well as cracking a safe at a veterinary clinic. Roof vents were pried open at 19 business and few clues were left behind.

Navigating through HVAC ductwork has even been used in recent jail break attempts (and not just ones on TV).

Burglar_BarsTrue, sometimes the criminals get stuck in the ductwork, but you can’t count on the incident that affects one of your buildings being funny.

Burglar Bars and Duct Barrier Grilles

Burglar bars, aka duct barrier grilles, are the answer.

At ZEN Industries, Inc. we offer a line of heavy gauge steel burglar bars that offer the security you’re looking for. Want to learn more? Contact ZEN today.

At ZEN, our burglar bars are designed to be attached to structural elements of the building, a wall, roof, or concrete floor, providing solid resistance to any break-in attempt.

They can be installed in any vulnerable duct section or along with curb adapters, and burglar bars should become a part of your standard order process when considering roof top units and associated ductwork.

Duct_Barrier_GrilleNow you can help keep the criminals where they belong, behind the bars of a real jail cell.

Whatever you need in HVAC ductwork, ZEN Industries is well positioned to be your full service provider.

From traditional rectangular duct to spiral duct, PCD duct, roof curbs, specialty ductwork, and more, our production lines are constantly meeting the needs of the industry at an affordable price.

Our new Duct Drawing Services deliver reliable shop drawings up to 50% faster while minimizing errors to historic lows.

Contact us today to learn all the ways ZEN Industries can serve your project needs.

No matter how big or small your project:  

ZEN Industries provides all or part of your HVAC needs.  HVAC ductwork manufactured according to your schedule, meeting 3rd Edition 2005 SMACNA standards.  Contact Heather Rodehaver - Business Development Representative at 877-600-0274.   

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