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BIM Services from ZEN M.E.P.

Cut Costs, Improve Efficiency, Reduce Errors

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is the “virtual assembly” of a structure, pieced together on a computer, before field construction begins.

Using modern software, BIM considers time and cost in way that integrates with design.

It brings into consideration spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, and more.

Proven benefits of this approach include reduced uncertainty, improved safety, and early problem solving in simulation.

 Reliable BIM can:

  • Significantly reduce costly rework.
  • Minimize the need for design modifications due to clashes and conflicts.
  • Dramatically Improve construction productivity.

Half of project owners say that BIM’s impact on overall outcome is a high benefit. You can read more about the advantages and benefits of BIM by reading the article Building Information Modeling Benefits Per Profession on

Through modern BIM techniques, ZEN M.E.P. is able to provide coordination drawings that make the life of every construction manager and general contractor far easier.

Chad Miller, ZEN M.E.P.’s CAD Manager

At ZEN M.E.P., our CAD Manager, Chad Miller, has seen BIM techniques contribute to the success of many projects, including one of our most challenging: the Montreal Airport.

With over 5 years’ experience in drafting and estimating, Chad’s responsibilities at ZEN M.E.P. include:

  • Drawing and detailing ductwork, HVAC piping, electrical, and plumbing.
  • Providing “not to exceed” estimates for potential projects.
  • Setup and maintenance of the database associated with our CAD program.
  • Project setup and direct interaction with our clients.
  • Conducting and participating in coordination meetings.

Chad’s work contributes to the overall efficiency of large and small HVAC projects. When our clients receive the final coordination drawings for fabrication, they are detailed to eliminate as many short pieces and joints as possible, saving a great deal of time during duct installation.

This approach also reduces the cost of ductwork. Chad provides schedules for the fabrication of the ductwork so that there is no need to do a “manual takeoff” of the drawings, increasing both accuracy and time.

Overall, our coordination process helps eliminate many costly changes in the field which would otherwise result in overruns and delays.

According to Chad:

“I think the most challenging project that I have been involved with would be the Montreal Airport. We had to draw everything in metric and much of the documentation for the project was written in French. As you can imagine this was a little out of the ordinary for us.”

“At ZEN M.E.P., we have completed a large variety of jobs, ranging from schools and hospitals to prisons and embassies. I think that every project has its own challenges, the most common being the need to squeeze very large duct in to very small spaces, while also leaving room for the HVAC piping, plumbing, fire protection. and electric.”

“I believe there is a great deal of benefit to drafting and estimating using modern software. Mostly speed and accuracy.”

“Everything that we draw is in 3D, and the software provides for clash detection. This gives us the ability to check for clashes between the structure and other trades at the push of a button, instead of the tedious manual comparison of many drawings the old fashion way.”

“Every piece of ductwork we draw is the exact size and shape that the ductwork will be once it is fabricated, including the connections. Every piece of pipe that we draw represents exactly what the manufacturer provides, so if a fitting in real life is 2.375” long, that is exactly what it is in our drawings.”

“We can also do 3D walk throughs of the project using our software. If a client wants to see a specific area we can set up an onscreen meeting and show them the 3D representation of any part of the project. This helps eliminate confusion and gives everyone a great understanding of the project before installation begins.”

At ZEN M.E.P., our goal has always been to maximize profit and streamline processes for our customers. Our high-quality software-generated duct drawings eliminate the imprecision and drafting errors of days past, saving you the headache of dealing with ill-fitting pieces and sorting through a jigsaw puzzle of delivered ductwork.

To learn more, including how your company can develop a working partnership with ZEN, please contact ZEN MEP today.

Collaborative Software Increases Efficiency

At ZEN M.E.P., our employment of 21st Century software like Autodesk® Navisworks® allows every M.E.P. contractor involved in the project to coordinate their services online through 3D, photorealistic modeling technology.

Utilizing systems that allow for such efficient collaboration helps to identify and resolve conflicts before construction begins.

Autodesk® Navisworks® helps architecture, engineering, and construction professionals holistically review integrated models and data with stakeholders to gain better control over project outcomes. Furthermore, our experience with Navisworks® allows us to quickly bring all parties involved up to speed.

At ZEN M.E.P., our mission is to provide coordination drawings where all dimensions, elevations, and collisions are accurately detailed and identified before they become a problem.

Basic Shop Drawing Services Available

For clients who need more traditional shop drawings as opposed to detailed Building Information Modeling services, ZEN provides superior shop drawings, developed more cost-effectively than ever before!

Utilizing EastCoast CAD/CAM software, ZEN’s experienced draftsmen prepare accurate duct drawings at a fraction of the cost of classical paper drafting.


  • Deliver reliable shop drawings up to 50% faster.
  • Reduce errors to historic lows, while meeting the most demanding specifications.
  • Deliver accurate data directly to your fabrication facility, or ours.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of clashes and collisions during installation
  • Assure that each duct section is precision fit to its location, connections, and supports – precisely labeling all the components we manufacture.

Success in our business is about service.

The quality of our CAD services are of the highest caliber and our price is competitive with the best in the industry.

ZEN Industries Inc. gains its edge with unbeatable service, and service means people - it's about our experienced personnel, like CAD Manager Chad Miller, and the relationships we build with each and every customer.

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