ZEN Product Specifications & Submittals

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ZEN Combined Submittals Package  
(includes all but Prefabricated Air Ducts and Fittings)*

Rectangular Ducts & Fittings Unreinforced Duct
TDF - 1" W. G. Seams and Connectors
TDF - 2" W. G. Tie Rods
S&D - 1" W.G. Liner Installation
S&D - 2" W.G. Liner Fasteners
TDF - 3" W.G. Duct Liner Interruption
TDF - 4" W. G. Optional Hat Section
TDF - 6" W.G. Rectangular Vanes
TDF - 10" W. G. Rectangular Ducts & Fittings - TDF Connection
Standard Duct Sealing Requirements Straight Duct


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