About ZEN M.E.P.

ZEN Industries, Inc.ZEN M.E.P. is a service of ZEN Industries Inc., an Ohio based fabricator of ductwork and fittings for HVAC construction projects.

ZEN M.E.P. was founded to meet an industry wide need in the preparation of duct drawings and HVAC estimating.

In a struggling economy, we saw an HVAC industry bogged down by duplication of effort, expensive errors, and time-wasting delays throughout the process, from quote preparation to duct delivery.

Our goals:

  • Improved efficiency and turnaround in shop drawings
  • Improved accuracy, making drafting errors an endangered species
  • Improved precision, meeting SMACNA standards with ease
  • Fast turnaround and delivery at a very competitive price

We achieve this goal by identifying critical bottlenecks and opportunities for error, then addressing each through conceptual, procedural, and business relationship changes that make a real difference.

At ZEN M.E.P., we rely on experienced draftsman to “push the envelope” by exercising their well-honed skills in the latest software environments.

Spiral Pipe and FittingsWorking with ZEN M.E.P. offers a proactive expenditure of capital and easily definable return on investment. Visit our page on Duct Drawings and HVAC Estimating, then contact us to learn more.

Mission Statement

ZEN M.E.P. is committed to the values of Integrity, Caring, and Stewardship. We are committed to providing quality service to help HVAC contractors expand their profitability, enhance a rewarding environment for our employees, and encourage a sense of shared responsibility with our community.

Success is About Service

Service is where ZEN M.E.P. gains its edge, and service means people - it's all about our experienced personnel and the relationships we build with each and every customer.

We believe integrity, caring, and stewardship are important values, and we require them from all associates in our company.

Whether you are an owner, project manager, or estimator for an HVAC/Mechanical contractor, please contact us to learn more about the services ZEN M.E.P. provides.  

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